The Band
Steve Skinner
Steve has a background in musical theatre, having managed a theatre company and toured the country with musical reviews such as The Cuts Show and the Third World Road Show.

Steve is an experienced songwriter, including comedy and satire, as featured in his solo album ‘Spend, Spend, Spend’, available on
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As a guitarist, he took up flamenco 10 years ago, and also writes and arranges for the world music band, Fusion.
T’witch (Sandra Twitchett)
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T’witch has a classical training, currently being a member of the Huddersfield Choral Society, and has a passion for British folk and rock music. T’witch has an excellent ear for sound production and harmonies, which contributes to the distinctive Skinner & T’witch sound.

She has previously recorded an album of songs from the folk/rock canon, ‘Tales’ by T’witch & The Woodman, with The Woodman, Mike Jordan. The album is available as a CD or digital download. Click Here to listen and buy.

T’witch has written a tale about The Witch and The Woodman that you can read here.